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Explanation of Units of Measurement Print
Notched Izod Impact Strength Units
KJ/m²:KiloJoules per square metre(standard units)
J/m:Joules per metre(optional units)
Conversion depends on specimen dimensions, but for the most common specimen (type 1, with notch A), 1 KJ/m² is approximately 8 J/m. If the property is an unnotched value, then for the same specimen (type 1) 1 KJ/m² is approximately 10 J/m.
Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength Units
Mpa:MegaPascals(standard units)
MN/m²: MegaNewtons per square metre(optional units)
N/mm²: Newtons per square millimetre(optional units)
Conversion is simple, all of the above units have exactly the same value.
1 Mpa = MNm² = 1 N/mm²
Falling Dart Impact Strength Units
J:Joules(standard units)
KJ: KiloJoules (standard units)
J/mm:Joules per millimetre(optional units)
Conversion: (i) 1 KJ = 1000 J
(ii) 1 J/mm = 1 J divided by sheet thickness
Vicat Softening Temperature and Heat Deflection Temperature Units
ºC: Degrees Celsius or Centigrade(standard units)
(Being the temperature at which the material softens as defined by the test).
UL94 Flammability Resistance Units
mm:millimetres(standard units)
(Being the minimum sheet thickness that can pass the test conditions).
Alternatively, for a fixed sheet thickness, the UL94 test that the product meets may be quoted, as defined in order of severity of the most commonly applied tests:
V-0 Vertical Burn, Grade 0
V-1 Vertical Burn, Grade 1
V-2 Vertical Burn, Grade 2
HB Horizontal Burn