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Acrylic Capped ABS Print

Acrylic-capped ABS

"Durosan" Range
AB301P   PMMA/ABS: gloss, sanitary grade, internal
AB301P10   PMMA/ABS: gloss, deep draw, internal
AB301T   PMMA/ABS: gloss, solid tray grade, internal
AB301F   PMMA/ABS: frosted
AB302   PMMA/ABS: high gloss, deep draw, internal grade
AB201 AB201P PMMA/ABS: gloss, recycled ABS capped with PMMA
  AB201SM PMMA/ABS: semi-matt, recycled ABS capped with PMMA
  AB201M PMMA/ABS: matt, recycled ABS capped with PMMA
"Durosun" Range
AB401 AB401UV PMMA/ABS: gloss, external
  AB401SM PMMA/ABS: semi-matt, external
  AB401M PMMA/ABS: matt, external
AB402 AB402UV PMMA/ABS: high gloss, deep draw, external
  AB402ML PMMA/ABS: gloss, metallic finish, external

(Note: all gloss levels refer to the A-face of the sheet only).

A wide variety of embosses are available across most of the product range.

Colours are normally matched and compounded internally.

Also available: colour compound & colour masterbatch.