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B400 B401G ABS: controlled gloss, super high impact
  B401SM ABS: controlled semi-matt, super high impact
  B401M ABS: controlled matt, super high impact
  B401XM ABS: controlled supermatt, super high impact
  B400S ABS: standard, super high impact
B300 B300G ABS: gloss, high impact
  B300S ABS: standard, high impact
  B300M ABS: matt, high impact
B145 B145G ABS: gloss, medium impact
  B145SM ABS: semi-matt, medium impact
  B145M ABS: matt, medium impact
B250 B250 ABS: gloss, high heat resistant
  B251SM ABS: semi-matt, high heat resistant
  B251M ABS: matt, high resistant
B360P   ABS: standard, electroplating grade
B350 B351G ABS: controlled gloss, high impact, high flow
  B351SM ABS: controlled semi-matt, high impact, high flow
  B351M ABS: controlled matt, high impact, high flow
B150 B150 ABS: uncritical, recycled
B151 B151G ABS: gloss, recycled ABS, virgin capped
  B151SM ABS: semi-matt, recycled ABS, virgin capped
  B151M ABS: matt, recycled ABS, virgin capped
B300IR   ABS: matt, ignition resistant, UL94 V,0
B300M2 B300M2 ABS: semi-matt, ignition resistant, M2
  B300M2M ABS: matt, ignition resistant, M2
B151IR B151IRG ABS: gloss, recycled ABS, ignition resistant
  B151IRSM ABS: semi-matt, recycled ABS, ignition resistant
  B151IRM ABS: matt, recycled ABS, ignition resistant
ASAB401   ABS: semi-matt, ABS capped with ASA, UV resistant
ASAB201   ABS: semi-matt, recycled ABS capped with ASA, UV resistant
B401AG   ABS: semi-matt, ABS laminated with PVDF, anti-graffiti
B300IRAG   ABS, semi-matt, ignition resistant ABS laminated with PVDF, anti-graffiti
B401FOIL   ABS: laminated with decorative PMMA foil
B401FOIL/P   ABS: laminated with decorative PVC foil, UV resistant
B401SOFT   ABS: matt, soft touch