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Polystyrene Print


GPPS or General Purpose Polystyrene is a clear low impact product available in crystal clear or colour tints in smooth and embossed patterns. It is not readily vacuum-formed and is most commonly used in secondary glazing applications and in the fabrication industry where it acts as a cheap alternative to PMMA (acrylic), SAN, PET and other clear polymers. It is not UV stable and is not suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a rubber modified version of GPPS.
This polymer offers much higher impact strengths and is easily vacuum-formed. It exhibits great versatility and provides a low cost route to the moulding of a diversity of products in a multitude of industry sectors.

Opaque HIPS is available in matt and gloss and can be tailor made to suit applications requiring higher impact strengths (P90 , P91 ) or higher rigidity (P70 , P71 ). All types can be easily pigmented to offer an infinite range of colours and a variety of special effects.

Matt HIPS (P90 , P70 ) is available in a smooth finish and in a range of embossed patterns. It is commonly used in the P.O.S., screen printing, packaging (P90F ) and white goods (P90S ) industries. AEL's multi-layer extrusion technology also permits the manufacture of bi-colour sheet (P92 ).

Gloss HIPS (P91 , P71 ) is supplied in a smooth finish, and is commonly used in the P.O.S. and screen printing industries. It is also a popular choice in the sanitary ware industry to make bath panels and basins, where the physical properties and aesthetic qualities of the material are best exhibited.

Outdoor HIPS (P90UV , P91UV ) — Athlone Extrusions also offers a range of matt outdoor HIPS products in smooth or embossed sheets. These grades offer the same versatility as indoor HIPS but in addition also offer UV stability. These products are sold into a wide variety of applications, including parts for caravans, sports equipment, raydomes and signs.

Ignition resistant HIPS (P90IR ) — If ignition resistance is required Athlone Extrusions can also provide a grade of HIPS that is ignition resistant to UL94 classification V,0 at gauges in excess of 1.6mm.

Clear HIPS (cHIPS) (IG55 , IG45 , IG35 ) — These grades offer good clarity, excellent formability and medium to high impact strengths. cHIPS is available in a smooth finish, in clear or colour tints. Common applications are found in P.O.S., screen printing and packaging, where it is increasingly being offered as an alternative to PVC, polypropylene and PET. The clarity of the natural polymer affords AEL the opportunity to produce a wide range of colours and special effects.