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Acrylic - Capped ABS Print


Athlone Extrusions have manufactured Acrylic-Capped ABS since 1991.

This product combines the normal ABS characteristics of impact strength and durability with those of PMMA including good scratch resistance, improved aesthetic performance and, where necessary, excellent weatherability.

Indoor a/c ABS (AB301P10 , AB301P , AB301 , AB201P , AB301F , AB301T , AB301D ).
As an indoor product a/c ABS is frequently utilised in the sanitary ware industry, where it is moulded into shower trays, panels and, more recently, into baths. Resilience, chemical resistance and hot/cold temperature cycling properties make our Durosan range of sanitary ware a/c ABS ideal for shallow draw (AB301P ) or deep draw (AB301P10 ) applications. Athlone Extrusions has further developed this material to offer specialist grades specifically for bath manufacture (AB301F). The cost savings, allied to the physical performance of this type of a/c ABS, make it a realistic alternative to more conventional materials, such as cast and extruded PMMA. A grade (AB301T ) has been added to the range to suit the manufacture of solid a/c ABS shower trays. (AB301D) has been added to our range specificall for the furniture industry where its inherent high scratch, high gloss is ideally suited for flat lamination.

Outdoor a/c ABS (AB401UVAB401, AB402ML )
Athlone Extrusions' Durosun range of a/c ABS is used in a myriad of outdoor applications. From the automotive sector (electrical cars, agricultural equipment) to the building industry (doors, conservatories), AEL offers tailor made products, colour-matched, in smooth and embossed finishes. Athlone will also manufacture in three distinct gloss levels - high gloss (AB401UV ), semi-matt and matt (AB401 ), to suit all needs. Athlone has also introduced a frosted finish (AB301F) that exhibits a random, consistent sand texture across the sheet which is retained on the mould even after deep draw forming. Our metallic range of Durosun products (AB402ML) is also available in a variety of gloss levels and embossed surfaces. Traditional high gloss finishes have now been augmented by matt (aluminium finish) alternatives. Other finishes are continually being added to the range as the clarity of PMMA offers an unlimited scope of possibilities . The UV stability of all of the Durosun outdoor a/c ABS range is amongst the best of any sheet products on the market today.