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ABS was introduced into Athlone Extrusions' product range in 1985. This engineering polymer demonstrates a similar performance to HIPS in its formability and versatility but, in addition, provides a much higher impact strength, rigidity, durability and better chemical resistance. It is available in smooth and embossed finishes. We recommend that all ABS sheet is pre-dried before forming, for best results.

Opaque ABS standard grades are available in an array of embossing patterns, gloss levels and colours. Athlone offer a wide selection of grades designed to give the appropriate properties across numerous applications.

High Impact ABS (B400 , B300 ) is most commonly used in the automotive industry for internal vehicle parts. Athlone's range of colours and finishes can be matched to provide a seamless transition between injection-moulded and vacuum-formed parts.

High Heat ABS - Where high temperature performance is required, high heat grades (B250 , B251 ) are available. These offer an improved heat deflection temperature but retain the same aesthetic appearance as the standard grades.

Ignition Resistant ABS (B300IR ) - A UL94 V,0 classification is available in gauges in excess of 1.6mm. These grades are used in applications as diverse as covers for machines and electrical parts to domestic fixings such as chair lifts and air-conditioning units.

Secondary ABS - As with all polymers extruded by Athlone Extrusions, ABS is available as a re-cycled product (B150 , B151 , B151IR ). Sheet manufactured from re-extruded ABS does not exhibit as good impact strength as the virgin grades and is not available in the same variety of colours, but can usually be made in the same embossing patterns and gloss finishes. This provides an option to reduce costs, in cases where high impact strength is not of extreme importance. Secondary products do not offer the same consistency in moulding behaviour as their virgin counterparts.

Soft Feel ABS (B401SOFT , B151SOFT )
Athlone Extrusions offer an ABS with a soft capping layer (TPU). This material exhibits a soft look and feel and is fully vacuum-formable even in relatively deep draw applications.

Originally considered solely for the automotive sector, this material is now being introduced into other markets as well. The sheet is available colour-matched in a range of embossed finishes and can be applied to most types of ABS substrate including high heat and secondary.

This material is also fully recyclable and can be blended with any other ABS polymer in our range. 

ASA/ABS (ASAB201 , ASAB401 )
ABS can be made virtually UV stable by the application of an ASA capping layer. ASA is a very stable outdoor polymer and when co-extruded onto ABS will also provide superior impact strength at a relatively low cost. 

Typically we recommend that an accelerated weathering test should be conducted on each new colour prior to its introduction.

ABS is also used as the substrate for a range of decorative finishes such as faux carbon-fibre, woodgrains or marble effects. These provide an attractive alternative to conventional finishes and most are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.